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Open Science, Technologies and Inclusion

Jorge Sanabria Zepeda

Profesor-investigador adjunto (SNI 1) Escuela de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño, Tecnológico de Monterrey.

September 21, 2023

Monterrey/CDMX 9:00am

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Spain 17:00pm

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United Kingdom 16:00pm


To make known the confluences of Open Science, Technologies and Inclusion, as well as the threshold for citizen science projects.


Presentation for the talk: Equity, diversity and inclusion in open education with a focus on Latin America, within the framework of the BootCamp Construyendo juntos el futuro de la educación- Building together the future of education.

Target audience

Doctoral students, thesis directors, university educators, researchers, leaders, professionals from the academic, governmental, business and social sectors interested in deepening their knowledge in education.

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